E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer


Over time, I amass a pile of photographic gear that I no longer use.  In many cases the gear is as good as brand new, in some cases there is just a slight bit of wear and in just a few cases there is significant wear but things work great.  In all cases, there are significant savings if you are in need of any of these items.  Here is the current gear for sale in my photographic "garage sale".  All items include ground shipping to anywhere in the USA.  Items are for sale in the USA for shipment to USA addresses only - I do not ship to addresses outside of the USA.  Please send email to ejpeiker@cox.net if interested in any of these items:


Camera/Lens Support

Sigma TS-81 Lens foot with integrated Arca-swiss dovetail for Sigma 500 f/4 Sport and 150-600mm Sport, New in Box - $150

Sunway Foto LF-M1 Arca Swiss Dovetail integrated lens foot for Sigma 150-600 Sport (also fits 500 f/4), New in Box - $75

Jobu Design LF-S504 Arca-swiss integrated lens foot for Sigma 500 f/4 (also fits 150-600 Sport), Like New - $75



150mm Square Filter System

Lee 150mm Filter System

Lee 150mm Filter Holder (just add adapter plate for your lens) w/0.6 Soft GND, Like New - $250

Lee 150mm Little Stopper 6 stop ND, Like New - $75

Lee 150mm Circular Polarizer, Like New - $150

Lee 150mm Canvass Filter Pouch, Excellent - $50


105mm Filters

Breakthrough Filters X4 Circular Polarizer, Like New - $150

Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Circular Polarizer, Like New - $200

Singh-Ray Mor-Slo 5 stop ND filter, Like New - $250

Singh-Ray I-Ray 690 Red and Near Infrared Filter, Like New - $250


95mm Filters

Carl Zeiss T* Circular Polarizer, Excellent+ - $250


77mm Filters

Singh-Ray Thin Circular Polarizer, Excellent - $150

Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo adjustable ND/Polarizer, Excellent+ - $200

Tiffen 82A, Good (glass floats a bit in filter ring) - $30

Tiffen  81B, Like New - $50

Tiffen 80A, Good (small amount of paint wear on filter ring) - $35

Hoya 81A, Excellent - $35

Hoya 81B, Excellent - $35

Luminesque Filter Kit CPL and UV, New in Box - $35


72mm Filters

Hoya 81A, Excellent+ - $35

Hoya 81A, Excellent - $30

Tiffen 81B, Excellent+ -$35

Tiffen 812 Foliage enhancer, Excellent+ - $35


67mm Filters

B+W ND 3.0 10-stop ND filter - $50

Singh-Ray LB Neutral Circular Polarizer, Excellent - $50

Hoya Pro 1 5-stop ND Filter, Excellent - $40


62mm Filters

Tiffen Circular Polarizer, Good (glass floats in filter ring) - $25

Tiffen 812 Foliage enhancer, Like New - $35


58mm Filters

SOLD [s]B+W Circular Polarizer, Excellent - $50[/s]

Tiffen 81A, Excellent - $30


55mm Filters

Hoya HD2 Circular Polarizer, Excellent+ - $40


52mm Filters

Zeiss T* Circular Polarizer, Like New - $50

B+W ND 1.8, 6-stop F-Pro ND, Like New - $45



Gura Gear Bataflae 26L, Excellent+ (no visible signs of wear) - $115


CF Cards (very low use on all of these)

Lexar 800x 64GB - $40

Lexar 800x 64GB - $40

Lexar 1066x 16GB - $25

Lexar 1000x 16GB - $20

Lexar 1000x 16GB - $20

Think Tank CF Card Wallet (stores 10 cards), Excellent - $20


Cable Release

Hahnel Remote Shutter Release for Phase One XF, 645DF+, Mamiya645, New in Box - $75


Contact ejpeiker@cox.net or if interested in purchasing any of the items in the Garage Sale.  PayPal accepted with no surcharge.  Ground shipping included.